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Ty Gaston's PRO SCOUTSTy Gaston's PRO SCOUTSTy Gaston's PRO SCOUTSTy Gaston's PRO SCOUTS

ATTENTION BASKETBALL BETTORS: Call Ty Gaston direct at 1-510-910-0680. The VIP Club for NCAA Hoops or NBA basketball is $1395 each! Get the Code Zebra Club for NCAA Hoops or NBA basketball for just $1995 each. The Personal Players Club for NBA Hoops and NCAA Basketball is $8500 each.

Call 1-510-910-0680 or email to order via Bank of America Deposit, Paypal, or Moneygram

Ty "Magic" Gaston is THE "HIGHEST WIN PERCENTAGE" Handicapper in the nation the past 5 years on his free daily video report at 68.3% winners! All videos are at for documentation and proof of 71.3% winners. Call Ty Gaston direct at 1-510-910-0680, or email Ty Gaston direct at !

This site is intended to give you valuable information that will help educate yourself about handicapping issues. Just look at my track the 2010 NCAA Tournament, my Code Zebra plays went an astounding 35 wins and 4 losses or 89% winners against the spread.

Enjoy your visit to my website and please feel free to email me

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